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New Product Wall Washer

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Product details
  • Brand name:LEDIFFERENT
  • Application:Decoration/Garden/Street/Other
  • IP rating:IP67/Other
  • Power Supply:AC/ DC
  • Fixture Material:Aluminum alloy/Other
  • Avg Life(Hr): 50000h
  • Input voltage:220V/24V
  • Emitting Color:White/Blue/Green/Yellow/Red
  • Diffuser:Tempered Glass
Supply Ability
  • Supply Ability:3500 pieces
  • Warranty(Year):3 Year

Lighting Effects

Product Details

“Architecture is belong to people", designer David said, “ making effective light glows people's sense of freedom, combine mature optics lenses and Germany industrial line. “freedom assemble” by the fusion of freedom structure design and modern building, the light will create endless potential.

NAD- Aurora has enhanced light quality after upgrades and renovations, taking full advantage of small shell and flexible installation.

The compositive DC/AC built-in power supply insures the complex high and low voltage  connection switching directly from external.

The integrated optic polarized light lenses embodies high performance illumination and quality of light beam, strict waterproof designing with no glue.


landscape lighting, bridge, building lighting, advertising license out, hotels, cultural facilities, and professional lighting square, bars discos and other Places of entertainment and architecture lighting.


Material: Aluminum Body, Integrated lense and cover

Light Source:CREE


Input Voltage:AC220V/DC24V

Single Power: 1W-3W/1W-5W

LED quantity: 6-32pcs

Total power: 18W-96W

Color: R/G/B/Y/W

Beam Angle:10°*65°

Lighting Protection ESD:IEC61000-4(level4)

ProtectingGrade: IP67

Electrical safety level:I

Working temperature:-40~55℃


2016 Intergration lense design, more suitable and beautiful!

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